The Champs Are Here

Edward Carbajal
3 min readMar 6

Jon Jones and Alexa Grasso make history.

Jon Jones has returned to the UFC and Alexa Grasso not only shocks the world but made history in the sport while doing it.

That’s the thing about combat sports. The “puncher's chance” exists in more ways than just a punch. Coincidentally, both titles won at UFC 285 by submission and it was a card that has more submissions than KO/TKOs. Regardless of the method, Jones had more than a chance going in and Grasso seemingly had none.

Mr. Jones

Photo: UFC

The only thing surprising about Jones winning the heavyweight title from Cyril Gane, was how fast he did it.

After a low blow from Gane, Jones slipped a punch and went straight to his wrestling to remind fans of how good he is when he’s inside the cage. At 2:04 of round one, Jones submitted Gane and has now become the heavyweight UFC champion. “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” is usually the phrase used to describe someone like that, but for Jones, it fits in more ways than it is meant to.

Ryan Bader is the current heavyweight champion in Bellator MMA. Bellator is considered by many the number two MMA promotion, but that’s arguable. Still, Jones beat him at light-heavyweight with the same submission he beat Gane, (guillotine) at UFC 126 in the second round. So he holds a win over anyone looking to argue “what-if” matches when looking at the current heavyweights out there.

UFC President, Dana White confirmed, the next match will be him versus Stipe Miocic but it will be a shame if we never get to see Jones against a lethal puncher like Francis Ngannou. Every time we think we’re going to get that fight, it seems to go away. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was the man before Ngannou we would have liked to see, but never did.

I don’t care for Jones's character. He doesn’t seem like a good person but it is hard to deny what he has done in the cage thus far, so I’m looking forward to where he goes from here.

Viva Mexico!

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