MMA Scribbles Newsletter — Soap Box Edition- Issue #59

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Edward Carbajal


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This is the last one on the subject I swear!

This week on Coast-2-Coast Combat Hour Matt and I got to catch up on current news. We talked about Jake Paul’s win over Anderson Silva, ONE Championship coming to the U.S. in 2023, and of course, what I wrote about last week, Josh Thomson’s comments to the MMA media.

I pretty much went into detail on what I wrote about, but for some reason, as we enter November and both the UFC and PFL will be holding events in Madison Square Garden, I’m still not as excited as I should be. I don’t even want to cover the events on-site as media.

For the record, I still like the PFL and its format but this season just has not been like previous seasons and I haven’t been following it like I did when they began. It’s more to the ESPN+ broadcasted events, which just seem to be more UFC-centric, and the UFC hasn’t been fun for me lately.

You can hear my rant on this week’s podcast about that here:

Question on Quora

The reason I’m sort of singing the same song was that I got notified of a question on Quora about “Well-known MMA fighters.” If you’re unfamiliar with Quora it’s like Yahoo Answers but a lot smoother and better looking. I’m on there too if you want to follow me.

My answer had me writing out a list of fighters that I figured a UFC fan would know, versus a fan of MMA. So, I’m going to list it here and you can let me know if you agree:

Who are some of the most well-known MMA fighters?

I would say for most folks, it’s the former long-running UFC champions or Hall of Famers.

Fighters like:

  • Randy Couture
  • Chuck Lidell
  • Tito Ortiz
  • Georges St-Pierre
  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson



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