MMA Scribbles Newsletter — The One From 9/11 Weekend

Edward Carbajal
3 min readSep 14, 2021

Wacky week, a somber week

Photo by Olga Subach on Unsplash

Well. Triller Fight Club seems to have been the biggest thing that happened weekend, and it’s honestly hard to pull anything positive out of it.

I did write a list of undefeated boxers folks should follow for One37 PM so if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. As far as this week’s newsletter goes, which is usually for the week prior, I have to say it’s been a strange start to September.

First of all, when September 11 hits, I’m usually pretty somber. Being so close to everything that happened 20 years ago, doesn’t feel like so much time has passed in my own mind. When I woke up last Saturday and scrolled through my Twitter feed, I saw the following article:

It’s an article called, “The Falling Man”. A photo of one of the people that either leaped from the tower, was ejected by the impact of the plane hitting it, or something else. It’s behind a paywall now, but they lifted it for that day. It tells the story of how the photo was taken, the moments surrounding it, things that happened after, and trying to identify the person in the photo.

I was halfway through it last Saturday before I found myself weeping.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day in New Jersey. Just like that day, 20 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. I think some people forget that are in other parts of the country because “out of sight, out of mind,” or something like that.

For me, days after in New Jersey ash from Ground Zero would fall. The sky was cloudy because of the smoke, even though the weather was beautiful. I remember one of my neighbors, sitting on her stoop with a candlelit, looking at the dark skyline above where the towers stood. It was clouded by the smoke from all that happened.

The Triller event and Donald Trump drew a lot of heat for holding an event on that date. The UFC and Bellator didn’t do anything, but if I’m honest as bad as the event was, it was a welcome…



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