MMA Scribbles Newsletter — Issue #15

Edward Carbajal
2 min readAug 6, 2021

Hear me out on Bellator’s Fedor vs. Johnson announcement.

Image: Bellator MMA

For the record, I had the same reaction most fight fans are having about the announced fight for Fedor Emelianenko’s return to action.

I think we’re forgetting that this is supposed to be his last string of fights though. In his prime, Emelianenko was the Pride Fighting Championships' last heavyweight champion and their 2004 Grand Prix champion. He defended the Pride FC title a few times before the promotion sunk. But, for many fight fans like myself and my podcast co-host Matt Hawkins, that was one of the best times in MMA.

He’s got nothing else to prove.

We all know when professional athletes have to hang it up, it’s one of the hardest decisions they have to make. They are tapping out to father time and more times than not, they want to go out on top. More times than not, they go out on their shield.

But they still have to try.

Tim Johnson is currently the number two ranked heavyweight in Bellator’s official rankings. A win over Johnson could get him a shot at the title so why not try?

He tried in Bellator’s World Heavyweight Grand Prix and made it to the finals before being finished by Ryan Bader. He’s already shown that if there is a title to win, he wants to go for it on his way out of MMA. So why not let him?

Isn’t there a saying, “God loves a trier”?

Trolling on the internet is cool these days but we all know we’re going to watch.

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